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Digital Marketing 2019

Digital Marketing 2019

Looking at my notes from classes, conferences, customer and prospect meetings, and other interactions in 2018, I’ve noticed some common challenges marketers face in their daily quest to “do the work.” Here are three areas for improvement digital marketers should be working on in 2019 and beyond.

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Agile Marketing

Agile Marketing

Aligning the agile elephant with your current marketing objectives is a smart way to harness the power of your data, and leverage results to meet more significant goals.

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Recent Podcast Episodes

  • Episode #03: Drew Harteveld – Digital Practice Leader, New Vantage Partners

    Episode #03: Drew Harteveld – Digital Practice Leader, New Vantage Partners

    Drew Harteveld is a digital practice leader at New Vantage Partners in New York. He’s served as VP of Digital Operations for Univision Communications and has held technology leadership positions at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Time Inc., and CIT. In this episode, Drew discusses the importance of leveraging and maximizing data. He also offers his point of view on digital transformation and the benefits of using Agile principles in marketing.
  • Episode #02: Adam Wallace – CEO, Spherical

    Episode #02: Adam Wallace – CEO, Spherical

    Adam Wallace is the Founder & CEO of Spherical, a digital agency specializing in the luxury and lifestyle hotel space. Adam talks social media marketing, building a digital agency on a shoestring, and lessons learned from more than ten years in the digital marketing space.
  • Episode #01: Eric Brown DSc – CIO,

    Episode #01: Eric Brown DSc – CIO,

    Technologist Eric Brown, DSc, is the CIO of Sundial Capital Research. After graduating college, Eric worked for many years in various areas of technology including software, IT, technical support, and more. About 12 years ago, he moved into an area we now call marketing technology. In this episode, Eric talks about his career, reflects on the concept of digital maturity and why marketing and IT playing nicely in the sandbox is essential to the CIO, CMO, and the business.