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How Digital Marketing Works® - Doug HarrisonDoug Harrison is the senior director of marketing for Scholar Share, California’s 529 college savings plan. I first met Doug some years back when he was a student in one of my New York University digital marketing classes.

Scholar Share is part of TIAA Tuition Financing, a subsidiary of the broader financial services organization, TIAA which has many business lines. College savings or 529 plans are offered by states to help families save in a tax-advantaged way for college.

You might think, it’s easy enough to find prospects for this business – it’s parents wanting to send their kids to college. That’s true at the highest level, but when it comes to digital marketing and designing the integrated marketing plan, Doug says it’s helpful to dive deeply into some of the sub-segments in terms of their characteristics and their likelihood to participate in the program and design digital marketing tactics based on those audience insights.

In this episode, Doug shares his approach to designing and activating an integrated marketing plan for a diverse audience, with more than 50% of the budget going to digital marketing channels.